Endura Sport


Hummvee Lite Icon Glove

road.cc Hummvee Lite Icon Glove
Score: 4.5/5

''Fantastic gloves for riders who demand exact control.''

Snapper II Glasses

bikeradar.com Best cycling sunglasses under £50
Score: 3.5/5

“Endura’s Snapper IIs are well-suited for all-round use and not just on the bike.”

Stingray Glasses

bikeradar.com Best cycling sunglasses under £50
Score: 3.5/5

“Endura has done a sterling job to offer a good value package.” 

Pro SL Bibshort

road.cc Pro SL Bibshort Review

“The latest Endura Pro SL bib shorts are one of the most comfortable pairs I have ever used. The pad is sublime, and the overall cut and the fabric used mean they remain comfortable no matter how long you are out riding for.”

MT500 Freezing Point Jacket

bikeradar.com MT500 Freezing Point Jacket review
Score: 5/5

“A jacket that's just as good off the bike as on it. Endura manages to nail it in terms of performance, style and price.“

Pro SL Helmet

tri247.com Pro SL Helmet

“I think I have used this tech more than any other before writing a review. This reflects how much I have enjoyed using the Endura Pro SL, and I have worn this helmet on the vast majority of my training rides for the last 12 months. In short, for a very competitive price you get a premium quality helmet (classic/traditional style, rather than aero) with a good fit/adjustment.

QDC D2Z S/S Tri Suit II with SST

220Triathlon- QDC D2Z S/S Tri Suit II
Score: 91%

“The fastest suit on test, yet with comfort and style.”

Women's MT500 Marble L/S Jersey LTD

off.road.cc Women's MT500 Marble L/S Jersey LTD Review
Score: 4.5/5

“MT500 Marble is one of the cheapest, best-value long sleeve jerseys I've reviewed. For this quality you generally expect to pay £50-70, so if you wear armour a lot, want full sleeves even on hot days or just fancy a looser fit, the Endura MT500 Marble is an excellent choice.

Xtract Lite Bibshort

road.cc Xtract Lite Bibshort
Score: 3.5/5

“The Xtract Lites have today's style of long legs, and fall within a couple of inches of the knee. I found the relatively large hems, backed with silicone grippers, work really well to keep them from riding up. Importantly, they also have UPF50+ sun protection for warding off sunburn and skin damage.

Engineered Baselayer

road.cc Engineered Baselayer Review
Score: 4/5

“The Endura Engineered Baselayer is a clever bit of kit. The fit is absolutely spot on, sitting close to the body without being restrictive, and the knitted yarn feels pleasant against the skin. The differing knit patterns not only help with the fit, but also mean temperature regulation can be controlled, making it versatile across a wide range of conditions.”